Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here's how to stop glasses from sliding down your nose

It's not like curing cancer, but when it happens to you a hundred times each day, you definitely reach that frustration level where you wish someone would cure glasses from sliding down your nose once and for all.

Seriously, how many times per day do you lift your slipping glasses?

10 times per day? 50 times per day? If you're like most eyeglass wearers, probably over 300 times per day. You might think, "that's impossible!" but along with breathing, blinking, saying "um" and "ah", it's one of those things we do so often that we're de-sensitized to it.

Not to mention that falling glasses make you look kind of slow and not attractive. Flustered. Not smart. Well you get the idea.

OK, now for the good news.

There is a cure.

And the cure costs roughly 5 dollars.

And it will stop your glasses from slipping for good.

They're called Keepons. Small eyeglass attachments which slide onto your eyeglass frames and act like comfortable little hooks around your ears and...prevent eyeglass slipping.

Have a look at some photos below.

Here are just some of the reasons why Keepons are so great:

  1. They're perfect for everyone, men / women, the young, the old, everyone!
  2. If you have ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Syndrome then they'll make your life a whole lot easier.
  3. You won't have to push up your glasses every few minutes!
  4. You won't look nerdy
  5. They allow you to see better
  6. You will look more confident allowing you to project an air of mastery
  7. It's for badminton players
  8. Keep your glasses on when you're performing surgery
  9. Your glasses will sit right instead of being all crooked
  10. They help people whose ears are asymmetricali
  11. If you're a massage therapist, you can keep massaging your client instead of pushing up your glasses all the time!
Case Study:

How Keepons Can Help You Find A Job

You've been looking for work for a long time now. It got so bad that you had to move back in with your parents. Which was devastating for someone who's 35. Your savings dwindled to nothing along with your self-esteem and self-confidence. You were let go from your last position when your company outsourced operations offshore. You got two month's severance which after-taxes was barely enough for a short trip to Barcelona, Spain to unwind.

And you found yourself without in-demand skills. Your parents love you and won't kick you out, you know that, but they fight constantly. Slowly you find yourself becoming more and more depressed. It gets so bad that you stay in bed all day which is fine with your parents since you need your sleep. But you start regressing and you find your adulthood slipping away. You have no money and are ashamed to hang out with your friends.

Then suddenly one day out of the blue you get a call from the HR person at a job you had previously been rejected for. It's a temp position in logistics. The company needs someone to get the packages ready for courier-pickup. It doesn't pay well at all. It's well beneath your education. But you realize that beggars can't be choosers. So you go to the interview primed to do your best. And you even visualize yourself working really hard and making something of yourself in a couple of years. Perhaps a middle-management position.

In reality, the interviewer is a jackal-looking man with a huge chip on his shoulder. He asks you a series of meaningless questions to size you up, but since there's so much at stake, you find yourself unable to articulate your thoughts. Your mind draws a blank and you start getting nervous. And your darn glasses keep sliding down your nose. You push them up. Once. Then again. You feel so incompetent and so...foolish. You swear once you get some money together you're going to get laser surgery done to fix your eyes so you never need to wear glasses again. But then you cringe at the thought of lying there eyes wide open while a burning laser sweeps across your eyes. And possible blindness in later life.

You stumble your way through some more questions. Normally you're talking and vivacious. But your glasses distract you because they won't stay up. You place your hand on the side of your hand and in doing so, only manage to hear the last half of the question asked. You try to bluff your way through it, but it's no use. The condescending look on the recruiter's face is evidence that you won't get the job.

The words, "don't call us we'll call you" flash string through your mind and you're not sure if it was your imagination or whether it was really said. The man gets up to shake your hand without even looking in your eyes. You're not worth another look.

If only you had Keepons eyeglass retainers...

There's so much more to find out about Keepons eyewear retainers...different models, different prices. Always affordable, always effectives. Keepons keep your glasses on.

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